Sunday, January 3, 2021

Neo Geo AES Memory Card Management

I recently got an aftermarket Neo-Geo memory card (one which uses F-RAM instead of battery backup) and needed to format the card before using it. There is a built-in memory card management menu on the AES: with a game inserted, hold ABCD on controller 1 and power on the system. Translation of the menu is below:

メモリーカード ユーティリティ-
Memory Card Utility

1 カードのフォーマット
1 Card Format

2 データネームのひょうじ
2 Display Of Data Name

3 データのコピー
3 Copy Data

4 データをけす
4 Erase Data

5 ユーサーネームとうろく
5 Username Registration

6 おれる
6 Break (Exit Menu)